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Water treatment accessories
DR2 Single-tank Automatic Softening Valve

JY control valves with floating bed/Up-flow regeneration softening process, different from the traditional market with fixed bed/down-flow regeneration of control valves (such as most American import valve/local valve) and its regeneration more fully and thoroughly.

More important is in most parts of the original water hardness is on the high sideWith fixed bed regenerative control valves can get used to less than 6 mmol/L of raw water qualityHigher hardness raw water two times, can deal with to achieve water quality standardsJY control valves with floating bed/Up-flow regeneration, mmol/L for up to 12 of hardness of the raw water can be single to soften the standards of water treatment (less than 0.03 mmol/L), More province salt, more province water and therefore more economical, more scientificIt is the newest generation of it is worth of application and promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection product, but for your equipment system play real benefits.

     Single tank automatic softening valve seriesDR2/DR4/DR10

     Single tank automatic filter valve seriesGL2/GL4/GL10

     Double tank automatic softening valve seriesZR4/RF20/RF50


ModelDR2 Single-tank Automatic Softening Valve

Characteristics of Performance

1、  It adopts the backflow regeneration controlling principle of floating bed; The quality of water is high whereas the consumption of salt is low;

2、  No hard water runs through the equipment for the industrial type. It is suitable in some situations where the requirements for the quality of water are high, such as boilers.

3、  The sealing for the core of planar valve adopts ceramic non-wear type and guarantees reliable usage.

4、  The Chinese (or English) operating interface shows the instant and accumulated amount of water.

5、  There are two modes to choose from: full-flow pattern and time mode. It has the memory function of cutting off the electricity and water.

6、  It is easy to be installed and adjusted and needs no operation from the user.

7、  it can be forced to be set regeneration time of day in flow pattern.for instance "night regenerate" it is fit for home softener.

Parameters for performance

Inlet Pressure


Flow rate capacity


Hardness of raw water

< 12mmol/L

Controlling mode

Flow mode and time mode

Hardness of outflow

< 0.03mmol/L

Swapping capacity


Consumption of salt

< 88g/mol

Swapping speed of flow


Rate of water consumption

<3% (related with the hardness of raw water

Connection of the water inlet and outlet 



The table of configuration of DR automatic water softener series (example)


Amount of water production<2T/h or Hardness of raw water <6mmol/L

Amount of water production<3T/h or Hardness of raw water <10mmol/L

Amount of water production<3T/h or Hardness of raw water <12mmol/L

Inflow pressureMPa


Flow rate of softener water


Swap tankd×h(mm)




Resin load(L)

min 90% Volume of the swap tank

Salt tank

Min 60L

Min 100L

Min 200L

Parameter setting for flow pattern


Volume of the Resin load(L)

Clean (L)

Volume of the Resin load(L)

Softening (T)

[70% Volume(L) of the Resin load] ÷ Hardness of raw water (mmol/L)

170% for resin cycle, and 30% effective utilization rate as protection layer, resin utilization and the resin filling rate (90%) and, when necessary, to fill the relevant. Soft water demand strict, raw water hardness higher should be considered when the effective utilization rate reduce cycle to increase the coating of method; Also can take use increases, heightening the tank to exchange.

2the clean water should be set according to the site, to adjust the cleaning 2 minutes before the end of the drainage outlet tasteless for host.

3raw water hardness unit mmol/L

4the design and calculation of the resin used working exchange capability for 1000 mol/m 3;

5the design and calculation of saturated concentration of 20% salt water used;

6flow models under the clean water contains salt water box;

7time mode of regeneration, cleaning, softening the time should be each station according to the site and combining with the feed water pressure pressure flow curve calculations;

8choose exchange with operating velocity can no more than 55 m/h as reference, choose the same diameter of the highest exchange cans. Series

9the table above flow parameters set, renewable (rise) is through the jet of water injection quantity, and is not YanLiang absorption.


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